My achievement bookmarking app for iOS is free until the 15th.

My app was released last month and the 1.1 release is now in the store. I built this primarily for me and I, at least, it is very useful. I was tired of having to sort through all my games and then every achievement in that game just to get to the one I wanted to see every time. I wanted a quick way to only see the achievements I was working on unlocking and be able to store notes on them so that I didn't have to do a search over and over to try to find the helpful tips I would found before. I hope some of you can find this as useful as I do. 

I currently have one additional idea I want to get in for the next release so please send me along an feature requests you'd like to see.

The feedback I've gotten so far has been around the achievement images, specifically if they can be in color. I'm using which at this time does not support colored achievement images for unlocked or locked achievements. The fellow running the API would very much like to make that possible so if you have any ideas on that please let either him or I know.

Here is the App Store link:

If you find it useful I'd very much appreciate it if you left a review/rating. Thanks!


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I didn't realize that, sorry. Is there a way to delete a post?

Hey Mr Hoolio, I'll check this out right now :)

That's actually pretty awesome clicking on invidivual achievements and being able to search Youtube, Trueachievements, and Google directly from that individual achievement. I just tested it out with some of the ilomilo plus achievements and it works great. I also like the bookmarking feature, and the search feature that allows me to search up my games instead of scrolling down for 18 years trying to find the game I want to look at :P. About the coloring tiles, obviously this would be ideal, but in order for color tiles to appear the user would first have to gain the achievement. I'm no expert app developer so I can't help there. I can definitely see myself using this while I play.