My account was banned

Hey my account was banned and like I have been getting hack and like I tried to call xbox and tell them and they said that they would do something about it. So I waited and got suspended the first time the I call again and no one help then I got hack again and still get hack to this day don't know how but I do and like I know it's my fault to because I should of been.more protective of my account and have good security but I wasn't. So is there any thing I can do to prove to you that I have change over time and Iam willing to be more protective over time and not let nobody get my info or anything and be careful with my email on websites pop ups or anything but please can I get another chance please I love to play xbox it's just so fun you know and I hate to see me not on having fun with friends but my account name is ContractedLos

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Microsoft hardly ever overturns an account ban. You can try contacting customer support, but they usually say something along the lines of "the ban will stand as issued."

Good Luck.

The only people that could really do anything about can be found in THIS forum. So, go make a post where that link takes you.