My 360 was stolen.

The Police have told me they can't do anything since my house has no evidence of forced entry. This happened two days ago now and I'm just wondering if there's something I can do. My account's been active for 5 years I don't have the ability to buy another xbox right now. Whoever it was took everything all my games and the console, but oddly not the controller. I guess I just need to vent, but is there anything that can be done to find at least the system?


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Most likely not. Even if they could find it if it is connected to LIVE they wouldn't disclose that location probably.

At least change your password fast!

[quote user="Onyx Mark"]

At least change your password fast!

[/quote]Additionally, I would find a friend that has a 360 and recover your gamertag to a USB device from the friends console. 

The first thing I would do is go back to the police and make sure they at least register the theft, also issuing you an incident number.

Secondly give Support a call Call Us and  let them know what has happened. Microsoft can work with the police to help track down a stolen console. 

yeah, as if the stolen system connects to LIVE, it can still be tracked by Microsoft by the Console ID. Then by comparing the ID with the previous owner's (Dan Flyhight) previous activity on LIVE, it can be confirmed that the system belonged to him most of the time. Location can be then pinpointed by police, if working with the Microsoft's tracing, ISP lastly used by the burglar, and IP that the given Console ID is connecting from.

If it is stolen, is it under warranty?

All of our 360 were stolen once they released the new dashboard...

I wouldn't mess with your account and let them use it.  I would however set up a new account and try to friend your account.  Then get as much info as you can without seeming suspicious.  Most likely whoever has your xbox knows you if there was no forced entry and nothing else was missing.  They obviously knew about the xbox if thats all they took.  Thieves are the scum of society, hopefully next time they break into someones house the homeowners there with a gun.

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