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The Xbox and the PS4 have started their journey in the gaming world.  One criticism I see a lot, and especially from people coming into GameStop is there's not enough games.  Obviously it's a slow startup, and a handful of games are coming out in the spring.   But here is my opinion on the matter, and I don't expect you to agree, and that's fine.

The way I play games is I will play one game and beat it until it's dead.  The slow startup is actually a blessing to me so I have the time to really play through everything the game has to offer before becoming overwhelmed with multiple titles I want to experience.  AND it helps my wallet.  Currently I've been playing a lot of 360 games trying to finish off the last of the content/achievements of prior games I've neglected.

Feel free to discuss your gaming technique or just let this thread sink into the abyss of the forums.


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For a launch line up,it was big, with good titles.....

Now we are in winter/ spring,and usually there are no big games release,but there still Project Spark beta ,Plants vs zombies GW,The Thief , Titanfall,....

I won't play them all....But for me,i got enough games to play until the end of the year....No problemo.

[quote user="MurderTramp17"] or just let this thread sink into the abyss of the forums.[/quote]


This place has an abyss? :-o


I'm pretty much the same as you. I play till there's little to nothing left to do. Maybe I buy a handful of games a year, if that. Titanfall, Destiny and Halo are pretty much the only ones I will be getting this year on up-front release.


Achievements play a huge part for and add so much replay-ability. 

I'm not necessarily the kinda "play one game until you've played it through", but I don't mind the current selection. And good stuff is on the way too, but most of all I suppose I just understand that the situation now is better than just about in any console launch ever, so I don't think we can afford to complain that regard :D

In near future waiting on Thief and Titanfall.

I believe I only bought 40 games give or take a few on the 360 in the whole time it's been out. I generally only play a few games at a time as well. I generally don't go for achievements but love to max out characters and levels. I only got 5 of the launch tiles and one of those was free and I already feel I don't have enough time for them all.  

I'm more of an Online player, playing a game all they way through for me is less important as long as the online component  is superb.

All I can say is stomping people in the face with Chief Thunder will never get old. I have an unending outlet for enjoyment.

I like to own a lot of games, play loads of different genres and experiment with all the competitors. That said, I only ever really play 1 game at a time else I get confused, too addicted to one and neglect the others which I often never return to. Yeah there's games like Guitar Hero and racers that are great to pick up from time to time without too much commitment but I usually just stick and commit to one until i feel done with it.

I love getting achievements and I will play a lot of single player games/campaigns but I will play a select few multiplayer games which I enjoy. Right now it is BF4 and Fifa which I play online regularly.