Mx Vs Atv - Alive

Hi all


Firstly, forums are horrible, please change them back, ok now that`s out of the way, has anyone else picked this up, i think its very good the graphics and physics are superb, game deservesto have a chance as online will be great, if enough people buy it


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I  rented  this  game  and  took  it  back  after  an  hour  despite  renting  it  for  a  week  what  a  load  of  rubbish.  No  idea  why  xbox  has  no  decent  bike  racing  games  .Play  Motorstorm  on  the  ps3  see  what  I  mean  its  a  class  game  so  simple  yet  so  much  fun  this  game  is  utterly  boring  and  not  worth  buying  

Completely disagree, i have ps3 and ALL, the motorstorm games, and this stands up well, it s hard to start i grant you, but as soon as you get to grips with controlling the rider, it is great fun

Got it off Lovefilm on saturday, i've only played a little bit (1 race & some freeride) but what i have played i did enjoy, going to give it another go later on.

Its ok...ish.

I rented it will probably send it back in a couple of days why is there no career mode?, major flaw if you ask me