when is content collection 2 out for non elite mebers


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cheeper to get elite mate saves u money in the long run even if u use it just for the maps

This whole Elite thing is a scam, why should you feel second fiddle if you don't have CoD Elite, all maps should be for everyone who bought the game at the same time, I really do feel sorry for people who don't have it and have to wait when they have already paid £40/$60 for a game and thye have to wait for DLC

Its not  a scam. Its a perk if you join Elite same as you get the perk of it being reduced in price you get it early . By not being a member you aint getting in late your just getting it at the normal time.THINK ABOUT IT

think if the elite worked properly and wasnt full of faults from day 1 it probably wouldnt b considered a con lol i got it for the maps but just started playing in clan ops and it makes it bit more fun playing for team objectives and rewards

the elite is a rip off i paid for this and am so disapointed by this unplayable crap why cant we have decent playlist layout for these maps and the double xp is appalling only for elite members and on certain playlists its a ripoff i will diable this crap and never play it again oh and microsoft should also make it easier to remove credit card options from your account they hold your details and recharge you whenever they like and when ni phone to have this removed oh sorry the system is down  what a load of bollocks - legal action -ccj its on it way to you microsoft ***

Cronus, why not just buy the subs from game or other websites, why do you have t give your card details to microsoft, they have old card details for me but because i buy the subs from the internet theres no issue

Yes Elite had its faults but you have to look at the sheer scale of it and take in how big it was. I dont think Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer games realised how much of a success it was going to be. I am a member of elite and i dont have any problems with it.