MW3 Special Ops

Flip me started to play some of these as i've not done any of them or survival and they are hard as feck even on easy setting! Any hardcore players fancing helping out! lol


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yep they are fecking solid I think I've just about managed to get past them all on easy !

Well you can help me get some then for a start! Never thought this day would happen asking you to help! :oP

ok biatch im sure i can hold your hand along the way ;)

They are not that hard on easy o_0 not really spent too much time trying to get them on vet but got 1 star on all without any issues. The survival bottom set can get a bit crazy only need to do 2-3 more maps at wave 15 for both 10/15 waves achievements.

I must not have the pro skillz required then.

Dammmm right ;)

Did some the other night coop with a mate an we struggled, although we were both steaming.