Hey im 21 and looing for girl gamers who play modern warfare 3 with, and getting sick of being in teams with boys and getting a lot of stick from being a girl, so if there are any girls out there that wanna show these boys that we are just as good as them the please add me on xbox 360

GT : magners jd

all my love 



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If i see any female clans i will notify them for you i do see alot of female gamers online and if the boys cant hack getting there butt whipped they just jealous keep up the work and good luck.

thanks hun and will do

No worries glad to help

I'll forward your tag to a few of my female friends, i'm not too sure about why you define us males as sexist pigs, CoD is the worst game to get grief regardless of your age or gender, the game is full of banter and consists of little kids, i'm sure if you was in a group with more mature males i am sure you would re-think your statement :)

Magners I am a mature female gamer, always looking for more female gamers to game with on mw3

thanks, and i never said sexist pigs and i never said all boys were like that and ya mayb cod is the worst game ever but it the only one im fairly good at lol and yes i would like a group of more mature males to play online with and have a chat with, but if u can point any out then play ask them too add me xxxxx much love

"sick of being in teams with boys and getting a lot of stick from being a girl" I pretty much summed it up into two words for you, you may not of said it but i am sure you may of been thinking it. If that's the game you feel that you do best on no one should criticise you regardless. Thanks for the f/r i will send you a message so we can sort out a game of some sort, i will bring a few non-sexist males in so we can all have a laugh, the majority of them will be older than me but they are a good laugh, and just to let you know i'm not how old you think i am :)

Very mature female here but still have a rage and enjoy banter lol

Your welcome to jump in a party with me and my fellow clan members anytime you wish.

Mayhem is also taking part in one of the many tournaments we organise

Feel free to drop a FR my way you dont have to be a clan member to jump in a game with us