Is the membership worth the investment thinking about it but can't make mind up any advice would be helpful


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Well my predictions on the DLC cost are it will be 4800 points while elite is about 4000 points to buy, you'll be saving about 800msp probably

TBH I've never once bought a map pack and have still enjoyed the games. I spend ALOT of money on MSP but never could justify £10 for a few maps. I've got elite with MW3 because I bought the hardened edition but If I'm honest I'd never have bought Elite on its own. Exspensive for that we seem to be getting over the next few months.

You could hold out and wait for the Hardened edition to appear some where for £30-£40 because you know it will. Although they may not be untill June/July.

Or keep an eye out for points deals, we all know every year the supermarkets random sell off the branded points packs for half price. EG- The Blackops 1200 points got sold off for £5 in asda and £8 in Tesco.

But to rush out today and spend 4000 points when all you will currently get is 2 maps is madness. An if you do you'll have 4000 points and its only weeks away from Trials evolution which is going to be worth 1000 MW3 maps IMO.

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Well my predictions on the DLC cost are it will be 4800 points while elite is about 4000 points to buy, you'll be saving about 800msp probably


Unless the Spec-Ops packs are seperate from the Map packs. As if thats how it will work then for me I would never bother with the Spe-Ops and would only want the maps. So I "may" be able to be just the map packs for say a total off 2400. So I wouldn't need the full Elite pack. An as for using the full version ELITE app..well halo has been offering the same for 5 years for free and I never use it, or the Battlefield version

I think one of the main benefits of ELITE is that you are getting DLC early. There's no way I could wait until March for DLC when people are all over the maps in January, and now there'll be DLC every month instead of every three months for non ELITE's. It is worth it, if you are a big Call of Duty player. I guess if you can take it or leave it, then you just as well wait...

Call of Duty is bassically the only game I play as I enjoy the pick up runand gun. I have bought every peice of DLC for every Call of Duty released. If this DLC drop had 5 maps then I probably wouldn't of been able to stop myself from buying ELITE yesterday.

But right now if the only way I can get 2 new maps is to spend 4000 points I'm happy to wait. I will also see how much the maps are when on general release and pick and choose which maps appeal to me.

I guess it will be 2 maps now and 2 in February so 4 maps for 1200 then repeat every 3 months. When it gets to the point of 4000 points for the content, £40 for the game and £40 for xboxlive gold to play the game online totaling around £110 just for 1 game...You know its time to review your gaming habit. I see people downloading the game for free then buying the DLC.