Multiple Users Sharing one Xbox Live Gold account

Hey guys,

Will my wife and I both be able to sign into Xbox live with a single xbox live gold account? It is currently under my xbox profile only on the 360, and I obviously want my wife to be able to have the xbox one recognize her and login with my account.



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As far as I know you can have multiple acct's under 1 home gold acc. So I'm gonna say yeah.

I know that you can use most of the online functions of Xbox Live with some limitations.  However what the limitations are I do not remember off the top of my head.

Are you saying you want your X1 to recognize both you and her for the same account? I don't think that will be possible. I would suggest setting up an account for her as the Home Gold will allow for her to have all the perks of Gold.

your wife can become a silver XBL account member....  your will be the gold member...  as long as she is on your XB1, she will get all the benefits of being gold... so it is a 2-1 deal...  and since she will have a gamertag.. the Kinect will remember her and log her in automatically... not under YOUR account... but hers

Wow guys, thank you for the prompt responses! So just to clarify - is the xbox home gold more expensive?

@case No it is not more expensive. Say my xbox one at my home and my main account has gold on it whoever signs into my xbox one will have every single gold feature available, EVEN if they are only a silver member. So basically as long as your main xbox account has gold active your wife will have gold features as long as she is on your xbox one. Hopefully that clears it up.

Perfect! Appreciate all the responses, guys.