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I can't say that my last experience running multiple 360's in my house with 2 XBL accts logged in simultaneously was fantastic, ran into several issues with my connection dropping over LAN, and some NAT funkiness, even when only Netflix was running on one. And to add I had very good bandwidth in both directions, and your standard blue Cisco router. My set up was functional and unpredictable too, but most agreeably average - as in what most households were equipped with if you weren't a expert. I felt inconvenienced that I had to delve into router settings to get down to the problem. I first noticing when trying to tweak my NAT settings on my router for GOW2 or GOW3 lobbies because they were restricted. I don't remember it ever being totally resolved and I admit its been awhile, definitely not really an expert. Plus nowadays I am currently only rocking one Gold XBL acct between the two (with my X1 soon joining the party), so can't speak for the current state of the art and its robustness. Only for brief periods were both logged in simultaneously with use of guest passes here and there, that was without issue. I am also using different router, but probably still average (standard DirecTV rig to be exact).The X1 is now being touted as the ultimate entertainment solution, in which case a lot of households like mine will eventually have more than one. Can anyone please share any positive experiences so far setting up multiple X1 consoles in their house with separate XBL accts running out of the box, and also how it directly relates to NAT and any settings I may need to do on the X1? Also please mention what issues to expect if any. I haven't really heard any problems with having both a 360 and X1 logged into XBL on the same LAN, as I imagine a good number of current X1 users have both, so that is reassuring. Please feel free to share anything related to having multiple consoles of any type running smoothly alongside your new X1(s), especially with multiple users consistently online. Cheers! Happy gaming! Happy Holidaze!

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I was having all kinds of issues with moderate and strict NAT for our two XBox Ones, even though the two 360s were showing open NAT. It turns out that Comcast had sent out a firmware update to my Arris telephony gateway, resetting it, and changing it back to standard mode from bridge mode. I spent the past week thinking it was either the new console or my routers (was occurring with both the Linksys E4200 and my newer Asus RT-AC66U, that replaced it). After five minutes in chat with a Comcast representative this morning, the modem was back in bridge mode. Resetting the router and power cycling the consoles took care of the rest. All four console are now showing as open.

I don't know much about bridge mode, but does not sound very intuitive at all. How is an average user supposed to figure this out? So bridge mode is used when you have a separate router other than your gateway, right? And either way, is enabling bridge mode something that is required for anyone with a similar set up as yours?

With most routers and multiple consoles running on the same home network...Port Triggering and static IP's will solve your issues most of the time. If done correctly it should take you about ten minutes to have an Open NAT.

I'm running (2) Xbox Ones, (3) Xbox 360's and (2) PS3's all with an Open NAT with Port Triggering set. No issues at all.

When I would bring my Xbox 360 over to my buddies house, it always gave us a hell of a time getting into matches on Call of Duty until he replaced his Motorola Surfboard D3 Gateway with a Motorola SB6141 and a Netgear N750 router. Fixed it right up. A lot can be said about port forwarding/triggering. It's just a matter of learning how to enable it.

I agree with you on the Port Forward/Triggering.  Also make sure that the firmware for your router is up to date.

Ok I will try it, thanks for the suggestions!! So just do an internet search for 'port forwarding xbox one'?

For those of you who may find it beneficial, port forwarding info for most routers:

Happy gaming!

Xbox Live requires the following ports to be open:

•Port 88 (UDP)

•Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)

•Port 53 (UDP and TCP)

•Port 80 (TCP)

•Port 500 (UDP)

•UDP Port 3544 (UDP)

•UDP Port 4500 (UDP)

No, bridge mode normally wouldn't be required, but that's not an issue with the XBox One, it's Arris/Comcast to blame. This gateway is an all-in-one device, with modem, telephony, 4 port router, and wireless built in. But it has issues doing NAT for multiple consoles (one of the first things I discovered after getting it), so it's recommended to put it in bridge mode with a broadband router behind it for the rest of the lan. That took some digging to discover over a year ago. When I had a standard Motorola surfboard modem, prior to getting telephone through Comcast, I still use my own router, but had no issues-modern routers come ready, with upnp set up, and NAT working fine out of the box, 99% of the time. Now that I've found that it was (once again) a problem with the (unbridged) Arris, I find that the XB1 seems to work pretty well without any special tweaking.

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