Multiple bugs with Xbox Live on Windows 8.1


1. When a new Xbox Live profile is created for a user account by the Games app in Windows 8.1, it seems to be set to either the US or some other invalid region, rather than the same region as the Microsoft account.

2. Trying to "Change Gamertag" in Windows 8.1 opens a web browser to a page which tells the user they must change their tag using their Xbox 360, which they may not have.

3. When attempting to add payment information to a Xbox Live account in the GB region, the form correctly displays "Postal Code" instead of "Zip Code" but still insists on a US state being entered, making it impossible to enter the correct information.

4. When changing Gamertag on an Xbox 360, if payment information has been entered for a different Xbox Live account on the same Xbox 360, the system will allow that to be used for changing the Gamertag, but will not register the payment information with the changing account and will not later be able to properly display the transaction.


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