Multiplayer lagging a lot please help

So I got the xbox one day one edition. Hardware works 100% no issues with that. My wireless connection is good, I go to settings and check "multiplayer connection" it proceeds to tell me that "Its all good" My laptop / phone are connected to my WiFi completely fine. My NAT type is - Moderate - which should be okay shouldn't it? 

Yet, every single game I enter in COD: Ghosts for example is laggy. To the point where it is unplayable, and I don't understand why. It is fully downloaded into my console. I play campaign with no problems, completely smooth. 

Battlefield 4 campaign smooth as well. Mutliplayer servers are all messed up. Sometimes they load, I play and its only a little laggy. The sound sometimes is absent, I don't hear anything in game then it comes back. Voice chat is laggy. 

I try and join games, it loads, then kicks me. This doesn't make sense... can someone help me please?

I paid a lot of money for this console and these games... I would like to enjoy them =/


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Try to open your NAT.  Do you have a router you can access?

Yes, but you believe that is the problem?

I just checked my download speed. Maybe this is the problem? - 3.59 mbps and upload speed - 2.45 mbps

latency 212 ms

but wireless strength is 87%

The latency 212 ms is your problem.  Your latency shouldn't exceed 100, which would even be pretty high.

Your upload speed seems to be fine.  The 87% wireless strength could be an issue.

Is your router and your console far from each other?

Yes they are my console is in my room upstairs, router is downstairs living room. But I never had this issue with the Xbox 360


Above is the ports you need to open



Above will show you how to do it.


It is better though if you put the X1 in the DMZ

Thanks, I'll see if that works. It must be a router issue I suppose