ms you are THIS close to loosing me for good

ill start by saying i am/was a huge xbox fan. i would post from my real gamertag but it cant access the forums and ms apparently cant fix it or just doesnt care. i dont know which ones worse but thats another story.
today i read an article online in the uk version of xbox world magazine about the xbox 720 leaked info. yes i know its probably not 100% accurate but sounds about right for ms and it annoys the hell out of me. apparently the next xbox is going to come with kinect 2.0 and touch screens in the controllers. really? whatever you do dont mess the controllers up. we have all seen how much of a fail the kinect is. other than a couple titles using a few gimmicky voice recognition features (that ms probably paid them to add) just so they can slap a "better with kinect" label on it. better with kinect now thats funny. kinect has brought nothing to the table not to mention it barely works. also voice recognition is nothing new and all you need is the $5 mic that came with xbox and you have voice recognition. end war anyone? even all the little kids i know would rather play cod then use a kinect. so why are they putting kinect 2.0 in the next xbox? it also says there will be a touch screen in the controller. why? STOP COPYING NINTENDO! nintendo is trying as hard as it can to distance itself from the little kid garbage shovelware games image it had because of the first wii. and guess what ms is trying to do? you guessed it copy nintendo. i dont get it.
if ms insists on making a kinect 2.0 it needs to be a separate peripheral and you can leave the touch screens to the smart glass (also useless for gaming imo and ill never use it). ms needs to step up and make more 1st party games. this is the reason i bought an xbox over ps. but sony has smoked ms in 1st party games over the past couple of years. ms is happy releasing a bunch of ms studio xbla junk and lets their best studio leave as 343 butchers halo. it seems ms is more concerned with non-gaming stuff and would be happy turning the xbox into ms tv. ask apple and google how that worked out. the unfortunate part is gaming is now taking a backseat to everything else. ms would rather try to convince mommy/granny to use the xbox then satisfy their core fans who spend the money. i have 70+ games, 2 xboxs, 8+ controllers, 2 wireless mics, 6 years of live and who knows how many hundrededs of dollars ive spend on ms points. i hate to break it to them but 40+ year old women are NOT going to buy an xbox for themselves.

the number one thing that will make the next xbox a success long term is the gpu. end of story. that and not having them all rrod. all your money needs to go towards the gpu, cpu, memory, ssd, games and live NOT gimmicky add-ons that add no gaming value. how about investing in dedicated servers for live because its apparent that most/all publishers wont because they are too cheap and busy trying to figure out how they are going to squeeze every last nickle out of you. this includes you ms. you have to have ALL gears 3 dlc to play on a dedicated server. how lame. its no longer good enough to buy a $60 game. now you have to pre-order and spend $100 on some special edition version to get the FULL game. then you enter codes to unlock content thats already on the disk or download half a gb of content that was left off on purpose or so you can play mp (even though i pay ms $60 a year to play mp). but thats not it then you still need to spend another $30-40 on some dumb season pass before the game is even released so you can get all the rushed 1 hour long dlc. what a joke. the people running xbox and ms studios are out of touch and clueless and they should all be fired. im so fed up with the entire video game industry.

i dont want an xbox 540 with kinect 2.0 i want xbox 720. as it stands now i probably wont be getting the next xbox and will either consider getting a ps4 (even though i despise the controller and sony seems to be going in the same direction) or just game on my pc. go ahead ms ruin xbox just like you did with windows 8 and see what happens. you have been warned. sorry for the rant.


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You just ranted...about nothing. Anything you hear about the next gen console is not confirmed, meaning that it may not be true. Pshh, we don't even know if it's called the 720. You should confirm things before getting mad over something.

MS doesnt care if they lose you. just one less customer, another 20 more every day. they arent missing out on much by losing you...have fun on that so called "PS4"

Iam not a Kinect fan at all.But you cant even imagine the stuff there gonna be doing with the newer software with Kinect 2.0....Have you bothered to read any articals on Kinect 2.0 and 720 besides what you have read?You should realy look into it iam sure if your a gamer u will.

And also i dont think where gonna see Kinect in a COD game anytime soon.Just like Skyrim you dont need to use the feature if you dont want to..Thank god cause i dont speak Wizard very well.

But dont knock it till; ya see what it does.The future of playing video games is becoming wild and total diffrent from when i started playing in the 70s..

man i would never buy a ps3, let alone a ps4.  my thumbs are too big for the controller lol.  360 controller is alot more comfortable :)

Has minor suspecion that boat could sink, jumps overboard anyway.

But seriously, nothing has been said or confirmed from Microsoft (the only ones who know about the next console) so anything you hear until Microsoft says otherwise is wrong.

If you want to leave XBOX, go do it now. No-one is going to miss you hear here.

Daniel B

@ it'sviciousmike,

You can use a wire 360 controller on ps3 with the dire adapter or buy a 360 shaped controller. Oddly enough I prefer the dual shock over the 360 pad. To each their own.


I hear you op. I used to be the biggest Xbox fan but it has just gone down hill for me as well.It's laughable the things they charge for, not to mention their shift away from gaming to the halo, gears, fable, forza rinse repeat cycle. II for one left a while ago and only play 360 once in awhile and use ps3 for everything else. I don't have to pay to charge my controller, to play online, to get access to apps, to party chat on my vita, I get free games, cloud saving, auto downloads and more with plus. These forums used to be a place where you could vent some frustration with the Xbox brand but theyve gone down hill and now a majority of the responses will be the typical "if you dnt like it, leave, brah" of the butthurt Xbot. Most of everything you said will more than likely come to fruition. Xbox world is about as good as you can get for news next to ms themselves confirming it. They broke the news on the leaked 15 page document over the summer weeks before it hit the Internet. The exact same one ms' layers threw a fit over and threatened legal action if not taken down. Where there is smoke (and lawyers) there's fire.

Here is a 40 year old woman who just bought herself her THIRD 360 console (all still working) has 6 controllers, two wireless mics, two turtlebeach mics, an original (still working) xbox, over 70 titles, and waited in the midnight release line of Gears 3.    ;)   So yeah, as far as your other arguments . . . don't be like Nintendo, because they are trying to escape their babyish ways of the wii by putting touch screens in their controller   . . . so you want xbox to be babyish?  or cutting edge?  which is it?  

Then you move to complain about the Kinnect 2.0.  Something you are not even sure what it can do and how it will affect you and how you play.  

Then you complain about the price of games and the tlc/ season pass issue.  

How about you buy and use what you want to buy and use and let the company produce items that appeal to a wide variety of gamers and users.  You get to pick and choose what appeals to you and what you are willing to pay for.  Why do people try to control how other people use and enjoy their things?  It is maddening.  Do you think that if xbox spends less time creating and inventing new things to appeal to different audiences your dark age ways are going to get more attention?  Let's just keep doing everything exactly the same for "johnny-i-hate-innovation"  How long will xbox/microsoft as a company last if they never try to improve their product?  Seek out the gaming experience that you want where ever you can find it, but don't try to hold back innovation.  

It's not called the '720', it just won't be... Oh and everything right now is just a rumour, so relax.

Pretty much everything 'SpousalThunder' wrote.  Also, -5 points for spelling it "loosing."  Seriously?!

Nice troll attempt OP, but I have to give you -3 stars for originality.  Try using some ingenuity next time.

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