MS, Walmart, and FedEx - Day 1 edition means Day 3 edition

Walmart and FedEx make a crappy team. Shipped Tuesday at 4:00pm for 3 day shipping. FedEx received Wednesday morning. Just found out fedex doesn't count the first day on shipping, so I get Monday. No big deal customer service(FedEx) say it's at local faculty to pick up. Show up(take a long work lunch) to it being in an inaccessible container marked as damaged(on computer), and they wont /can't get to it. Not sure how a company that started on overnight shipping, has a first day doesn't count policy. Also apparently FedEx's customer service is "not affiliated" with the local facilities. This was a zero accountability, zero customer service. Nightmare I never order game/consoles online for shipping time, but all the Day 1 publicity had me think otherwise. Lesson learned with online retailers. Definitely zero coordination in the logistics of this promotion.

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Just wanted to add my Sony, Amazon, UPS team didn't let me down last week.

Also, about the coordination with the retailers and MS,  it didn't really seem like the retailers knew the difference between day 1 and reg.

Got Mine on time (Day One)  MS Store and UPS for the win

My Microsoft-Amazon-UPS team delivered awesomeness today, sorry you had a bad experience.

I wouldn't say it is lack of coordination. I'd say it is strictly on Walmart. Walmart chooses the shipping speed and when they ship it. They should calculate when it will arrive and ship accordingly. Did you know Amazon typically ships overnight even if you ask for 2 day? They wait one day and then ship. They have a huge deal on overnight shipping so it is the same price for them. And I'd guess you will get it on Saturday if it went Fedex home delivery or express. If you choose ground shipping that is on you.

UPS isn't delivering these packages on Saturday's, for whatever reason. I'm not sure why Microsoft has implemented all these restrictions - they are too severe. I can't go to the UPS facility and pick my package up - I have to take off of work on Monday, and wait at home for UPS to deliver sometime between the hours of 9am-7pm. I can't even narrow the hours down using my UPS MyChoice Premium account, like I can on every other package I've ever received - WHY would a restriction like that be in place, and what sense would that make at all.

MS screwed this up. It's an example of when you do more harm then good by trying to implement restrictions intended to reduce theft. Their policies/restrictions went overboard.

Yeah I called Walmart two months ago to seeif shipping affects arrival of day 1 edition.

"No, it will not." Even offered to upgrade shipping, told I didn't have to

Not strictly on Walmart.  Many retailers just didn't really even know what day 1 edition was when called to inquiry.  Should of been a better team effort with MS

The Microsoft Store rep told me I couldn't pick up at the depot because of "past fraud" with MS products. The rep was shocked when I suggested that I didn't want to wait at home for the delivery and had no response when I told her that UPS and FedEx each require me to present PHOTO ID to prevent fraud. I'm toying with just letting UPS drag the box out two more times with no one home and then send it back to Microsoft. I still have several 360 games I haven't completed. I could wait till this time next year when bundles start to appear for Christmas 2014 (consoles no longer own the game market, folks. Bundling is going to happen far sooner than in the past) and buy one in Costco. I definitely got swept up in the Day One hoo-hah and am now a disappointed camper.

Logistics and coordination  aren't quite there yet to advertise the day1 online the way they did.  Should have just let people make that mistake in their own.