Ms Splosion Man out tomorrow, metascore of 94

The sequel to the amazing 2009 summer of arcade game Splosion Man is here! Thankfully they've decided to keep the price at 800MSP, instead of 1200MSP like Comic jumper. Considering it would cost more to buy a few maps on call of duty, this is a great deal.


It's received perfect scores (100/100) from 1UP, Joystiq and Gamepro and it's easy to understand why given how great the first game was.


Will you buy this game tomorrow or wait until the price drops in the future?


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why does crap like this get 100/100 there are so many better games out there


oh and before you say it i have the first one and its pants

I was gonna have a quick go of the trial but as it's 2 gig I'll have a quick go in 3 hours time...

I enjoyed the first one, though the co-op was a little laggy last I played it. Comic Jumper was reasonably fun as well (though I wouldn't have bought it if I hadn't been given it as a gift).

Yeah will get this 1st game was great fun and whenever I played co-op never had any problems

looks intresting, the previous one was a title I kinda avoided as though it looked good it wasn't something I found I wanted to play, but the sequal looks alot funnier and closer to my kind of humour.

enjoyed the first one a lot, may just get this

this game is fooking amazing, hard as nails but brilliant none the less, and insanely funny too - check out the tutorial vids for a good chuckle

I bought Splosion Man on 1st day of release, and I bought Ms. Splosion also on 1st day of release.  I say both games are entertaining and definately fun.  Also my 5 year old nephew loves playiing them whenever he comes round.

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Does anyone know when they are releasing the ms splosion man pinball table on pinball fx2?

There is no release date yet, just that it will be sometime after release of the game.

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