MS Say that more people use Xbox and LIVE to watch Media then Play games

Over the past couple years, Microsoft has been making a big push for Xbox to broaden its audience and be used for a lot more than just gaming. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, a Microsoft spokesperson says that now more users are actually watching videos and listening to music on Xbox Live than playing games.

The LA Times quotes Yusuf Mehdi, who heads up marketing and strategy for Microsoft's Xbox business, as saying that households now spend an average of 84 hours a month on Xbox Live playing games, watching videos and listening to music. The key part here is that over half of those 84 hours are being spent with videos and music instead of games. (Although probably the majority with videos, right, because who listens to music on Xbox Live?) Also, that number is up 30% from a year ago, so this trend is definitely on the rise.

The LA Times also cryptically refers to the first Xbox as a "trojan horse" that was originally meant to ride into people's living rooms under the cloak of videogames and eventually become the conduit for all digital media. Using that metaphor, as gamers, I guess we were the Trojans that allowed for this mysterious box, built by Microsoft (the Greeks) to enter our homes and deliver delightful gaming experiences to us. The Greeks (Microsoft) then just had to sit back and wait for us to fully embrace the Xbox for almost a decade before breaking out of it with apps like Hulu Plus wielding new episodes of Modern Family to destroy our city of Troy (gaming-based living rooms). But as general entertainment consumers, I guess we all are really the Greeks because we all win? Or maybe it's just not a great metaphor. 

Anyways, we’re sure quality game experiences on Xbox aren’t going anywhere though, and you have to give Microsoft credit for succeeding in expanding their brand. Lots of other successfulcompanies have struggled to get into the TV game.

Source: Xbox now used more for online entertainment than online gaming [LA Times]

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There are certainly more Media related ads on the dashboard right now then anything Gaming related....MS did always want the Xbox to be the central device for family entertainment in the home but, with the lack of real exclusives for the Xbox this year, Kinect now nothing more then a glorified microphone for voice commands in games, the push and drive to bring multimedia content to Xbox LIVE has pushed the gaming side into the shadows some what



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Not on my xbox they don't, I'm too busy playing my games. I will occasionally stream a HD film from my PC on a weekend or catch a missed programme on iPlayer but 95% of the time I have a game running, what I originally bought the machine for.

never use any of them.

i tried 5 on demand yesterday just to try it and all i got was "server not available try later" over and over ,so i gave up.

I never use tv services and music services on my xbox 360 because I paid for that on virgin media I mean most services on the xbox all over price look at it this way 5 on demand is rubbish 4 on demand okay bored the rest of the services are just terrible . I brought a xbox 360 for the soul purpose of playing great game and and a great online service not watch tv

Never use my xbox for anything but gaming,I have sky and a laptop so all these apps are useless to me.

I'd say in my house it's a mixed balance.


Me it's more or less all games, my wife a mixture between games,TV, music etc and my daughter it's Kinect and films,music, TV etc ..

Laptop of on demand

360 for gaming

win win win

I very rarely do anything but game on my xbox, if I want to watch TV I have Virgin Media for that, I can also record programs, and use iplayer and other catch up services.

Why would I want to use the xbox for that when you then have to listen to the extra noise the fans in the xbox cause?

I use mine for a fair bit of media, used to stream films through the xbox but now i've got the PC set up directly to the TV, i've got Sky running on the xbox and the iplayer is useful, but yeh, normally gaming.

I use some of the apps (Last fm, 4OD, 5OD) however I would like to see the Xbox brand to be more gaming focused.

Also I've noticed some of the apps don't update frequently or give you an indication what was new on the app.

I can see why, I use it as a DVD player, I imagine most people who have one use it for that too.


I also use when I people round.

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