MS need more exclusive

I know there is a lot of new games coming to the one. But for MS owning about 5 game dev studios or more. And you also have more money than sony could dream of. So were are the great games that the most smartest people that you pay can make. I hope this gen and want it looks like you are doing is having more good games. And this is me not hating its me giving my OP and advice. And come on we can all agree sony beat MS last gen in exclusive.


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In MS's case I think they need a little more international flavour in the mix, most of the current exclusives seem to be updates of old games that never grabbed my attention in the 1st place.

Sounds like VGX (VGA's) will have some announcements too

@Fatal Sony has a bunch of RPG exclusives.

I'm sue they'll announce some exclusives tomorrow night on Spike TV during the launch event.

Microsoft owns a ton of IP, especially through Rare, but haven't really explored many of them. They could really stand to revisit some that have sat idle for a long time like High Heat Baseball, Crimson Skies, Banjo/Kazooie, Project Gotham Racing, Perfect Dark, and many more. Also, if my info is right, they own Battletoads. How there is no Battletoads game on Xbox is beyond me, It's criminal neglect. I've heard rumors that Crackdown could make a return.

MS made a decision long ago they weren't going to go the Sony route and have a ton of studios set up. They have a handful of them and they usually put out high quality stuff.

That's what I think. Xbox just does the Multiplats better, which is like an exclusive in itself.

Big thing for me is MS exclusives tend to offer me more. Sony excel at single player games where as MS know and do online better.

The Last of Us is the  best single player game I played this year, especially on Survivor Mode, but I just couldn't get into the MP.

If I had to choose I'd take Gears or Halo any day just because I get more out of them and have a blast playing with mates. This is just me obviously and aren't taking anything away from the brilliant games Sony offers.

Sony's exclusives have been better on the Xbox and the 360 imho, I wonder how many people bought the 360 because the cross platform games where better? I know I did.

Does Playstation really have that many exclusives? Last of Us, Uncharted, Infamous, Killzone, Little Big Planet, MAG, Socom, Grand Turismo, Starhawk, Knack, The Order, Beyond, Heavy Rain... and that's about all I can think of right now.

We've got Gears of War, Halo, Forza, Ryse, Dead Rising, Titanfall, Project Spark, Sunset Overdrive, Black Tusk project, and Quantum Break. It really is much closer than people think.

Definitely something MS needs to improve upon although I mostly enjoy their exclusives more.

Sony had a heap of exclusives over the years but I only really liked and finished Uncharted, The Last of Us, God of War, GT and Journey. I didn't really like their other exclusives and couldn't stand Infamous which is why Second Son hasn't got me hyped at all.

At least Phil Spencer has acknowledged their lack of games for 360 and is looking to greatly improve for X1

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