MS Doing Away With The Glossy Finnish.?

Sorry if this has already been discussed but i just read that they are scrapping the glossy 250gig s console they will all be matte finished now apart from SE



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So it looks like they keeping the gloss finish for the special editions only now eh

Saw this on Major Nelson the other day. Doesn't really make a difference. I have a glossy black one. Never seen a matte one before in real life so wouldn't know if I liked it better or not.

glossy Matte pink polka dots who cares as long as it does what its made for ...Gaming lol.

its all down to production costs...a glossy material will be more expensive then a plain matte finish....whilst shiny is nice to have, its a bugger for showing up dusts and finger prints lol

Do we all get all free replacements?

I'd have taken a matt over glossy in a heartbeat. Just couldn't be bothered to buy a Core and Seperate HDD, as thats just a waste of money.

I hate the fact my glossy 360 is a dust/fingerprint/dirt magnet. If my old white 360 wasn't soo damned noisy, i'd continue using that.

Everybody go out and buy glossy xbox's, they might become antique and worth loads in the future if they're going out of production.

Can't stand the glossy model. Actually bought a cheap 4gb console last week. I took the 250gb hard drive out of my glossy console and put it in the 4gb console. The 4gb console is now my main 360. The glossy one has been relegated to my bedroom.

Yet again the hardcore gloss enthusiasts are being shafted by M$.

What do Microsoft have against the Finnish? They're nice people. So what if they want to cover themselves in gloss.