MS biased towards west coast

Ok this ismt trolling but a long term xbox fan being disgruntled.  I want to see others take on this.  Ookay we all know xbox one has a large latency issue.   Unless you live in California Oregon or Washington.  Now I admit that while I pay for top notched internet for gaming im getting schooled in latency.  Xbl, atleast for the X1, is routed tothe west coast,  your latency test all but tells you this.  Now where MS already has issues handling the data going to it, we on the east coast,  or god forbid, european players, are forced to be handicapped.  Where are these 300000 servers?  Why do I have to play against people. Closest to the one server? Im paying monthly for xbl.  So$120 a year for laggy play being forced on me.  I play CoD ghosts right now and im highly competitive.  It doesnt even give us the option of local online play so we can play with minimal latency.  I see these forums about this alot.m I have seen a few of my friends return their x1 for ps4 as well.  Im holding on for dear life but microsoft needs to stop messing up and make things right.  


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You do know cod ghost runs on separate servers/p2p

If COD Ghosts is what you are basing your experience on then you should look at Infinity Ward as they are not using M$ 300,000 servers. In fact, their servers are a mixture of dedicated and user hosted servers.

From what I can gather the servers for live are at multiple sites around the world. It would be kind of silly to have this many servers in one location when you can spread out the potential problems in multiple locations. Imagine if there was only one site and there was a massive local problem that disrupted the entire service. Multiple sites means that there might be a decrease in performance if one site goes down, but the service is still usable.

Well ghosts is what I added up to.  The latency is higher on x1.  Why I dont know.  Now when playing ghosts I route to MS, then out to a host for the match, which is generally the closest person to the server in the lobby.  Now activision has yet to launch these designated servers for ghost as they promise hence why people are still hosting.  

[quote user="CornBeeflt"]

Ookay we all know xbox one has a large latency issue.   Unless you live in California Oregon or Washington.  



Who told you that.


It's incorrect.

Lol im a network engineer.   Trust me I know.   The closer the distance to the server the lower the latency,  data travels at about the speed of light, hence why the latency is described is milliseconds.  All of XBL services are forwarded to redmond Washington.   So by those fundementals those states should have the best latency.   If you are not then you have a network issue either with your home netowrk of from your isp.  Sadly I am right 100%

[quote user="CornBeeflt"]Lol im a network engineer.   Trust me I know.[/quote]Troll much?[quote]The closer the distance to the server the lower the latency,[/quote]Good thing Microsoft deploys datacenters and/or colocates in locations around the world, then.[quote]All of XBL services are forwarded to redmond Washington.[/quote]They're not, though even if that's where the matchmaking took place that's not how the game servers run.[quote]Sadly I am right 100%[/quote]You aren't. No global organization would build a customer-facing network in the manner you describe.

I call for some BS.

Do a speed test from your pc and from your xb1.  Select the server areas.  Time matches.   Ask around in lobbies you play in also.  70% of the time they are closer to ms servers out there.  As I said this is an xb1 issue alone.  My 360, although still not comnecting at the speeds it should, connected better.  As for data,  all data meets up at one point, hence why there are other forums discussing the distance and latency relationship.  Even the network rangers and microsoft support can attest to this.  The number is 18004myxbox.  

Im hoping this is a short term issue related with launch and will rectify itself soon.  

[quote user="CornBeeflt"]all data meets up at one point,[/quote]Different services (stat tracking, matchmaking, games, chat audio) access different servers. The act of playing a game is centered around the game server, be it a dedicated server or a client/server setup akin to the 360's. If there's a problem with matchmaking pairing people up on disparate coasts, that's a matchmaking issue not a "Microsoft is Pacific Coast Centric!" problem.[quote]The number is 18004myxbox.[/quote]A call center employee is not going to know the intricacies of how Live functions.

But it does affect latency, which is what im saying.  And you basically agreed with me.  Now I dont mean to sound like MS planned it.  But dont you think data handling shoulda been done better?  Or is it still a launch issue kind of thing.  As for the"network ranger" they are network specialist, these people do not answer the phones but have to be reached through reference.  Wait times for them is a ridiculous as their kid friendly titles.  

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