Movie streaming error 80070005

On Wednesday, 2 days ago, i rented Ted on the xbox video app, HD for 480 microsoft points. My problem is when i try to watch it, i get an error message saying "an error occurred during playback. Status code: 80070005. when i searched the status code on this website, it said the code could not be found. I have no idea how to fix the issue and came on here to see if anyone knew how to fix the problem or if anyone was having the same issue as me. I don't think it's fair that i spend points on a video i can't watch. Again, if anybody at all can help me with the problem, i would greatly appreciate the help i can get


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Try deleting it from your hard drive, clearing the cache and then re-downloading it.

That's really weird. I'd do what iMaGiCiix says. Clearing the cache usually does fix things like that. If you need help doing that let me know I can walk you through the steps

it cannot be cleared from my hard drive because its streaming from the app. i didn't have to download the movie at all. immediately after i rented it, i was given the option to watch it. I've never used Xbox movie and video before so i don't know if there are any special precautions i may have missed. but i don't think that's the case. i did try clearing my cache but that did nothing.