Motorola NVG589 Open NAT issue + laggy Hulu

So long story short.  Bought a house.  House not wired for Ethernet.  Have Uverse installed w/ wireless router (make and model listed above).  Don't have a wireless card for my Xbox 360 (original not s model), so bought a Asus EA-66 access point/bridge so I can eventually run a switch off it to connect my TV and blu-ray player, but for now its just straight from the EA-66 into the Xbox 360.  Configured it as a bridge to my motorola router.  I can connect to Xbox Live but gives me a NAT error and lists it as Moderate.

I log into the Motorola Router to setup port forwarding on the ports you need to (53, 80, 88, 3074).  Herein lies the issue.  When I go to open up ports 80 and 88 my router gives me a message that doing some may interfere with my Uverse DVR service.  MTU on the device is set at 1500.

What should I do?

And in when watching Hulu through the Xbox the app keeps lagging HORRIBLY.  I may get 75% through a HD episode and then the app starts buffering every 30 seconds.  Using Netflix there is not this issue at all.  The Access Point I have is setup properly and has MORE than adequate bandwidth to handle the 360, and the router is also N capable, so I am not sure why Hulu is buggy.

My Motorola router is on the opposite side of the house from the access point and there is no way to hardwire things currently, or even move either device closer.  With that said they are maybe 50 feet apart with one floor between them.

Any thoughts/suggestions appreciate.


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