Motorola gateway network connection issue resolved. I've provided an updated tutorial.

     Hello. This post is for anyone experiencing problems with a Motorola Gateway SBG900 (or possibly any other models, as I'm not sure how common the problem is). This post is for those who can connect to xbox live, but get some kind of error message that basically says "you are successfully connected, but it's possible that not all of xbox lives features will be available to you". You can still play multiplayer and things like that, but it seems to lag, or other weird connection problems keep happening.
     I would sign in to xbox live. It would often have a bad connection. Netflix would randomly work/not work. Multiplayer was laggy. Things just didn't feel right. I went into Network Settings, and ran the "Test Xbox Live Connection" scan, and it successfully connected to everything, but would always end it by basically saying "well, you're connected but you're no connected properly, and your xbox live experience may suffer from this" and a little yellow triangle with an exclamation mark would pop in between the icon of my gateway, and the icon of the internet. It said click more info for help, so I did and it said "go to" or something like that. After quite a while, I ended up at
     This page explained my problem, but not in a way I could understand very well. It says "Enable perimeter network (also known as DMZ) functionality on your router." So that is the goal. Further down on that page there is a link that takes you to this page: and that is the page that I had problems with. This is the tutorial I needed, but it was out of date. I'll copy and paste my updated version below. I hope it helps someone. The main goal is to get your xbox out of your gateways firewall, as it's hindering the connection.

Step 0: Determine your xbox's IP Address and MAC address by clicking the home button on the controller, going to settings - system settings - network settings, then selecting "configure network". Write down the "IP Address" number that is listed there. Now scroll over to the "Additional Setings" tab, and select "Advanced Settings". Here you will see your MAC Address. Write down the digits of the mac address.

Step 1: Open a web browser.

Step 2: Enter in the address bar. Enter the username and password if the gateway asks (usernem: admin/password: motorola).

Step 3: Select "Gateway" from the left.

Step 4: Click on the tab titled "LAN" towards the top.

Step 5: Click where it says "DHCP leases" in gray lettering, just underneath the "LAN" tab.

Step 6: Return to your computer. under "DHCP leases," where we left off in step 5, scroll down a bit if needed, until you see a table titled "CURRENT DHCP LEASES". In that table, you will see a column titled mac address. Compare the digits of the mac address from your xbox that you wrote down, to the digits on the list. Locate the digits that match. Now, in the same row, check mark the box in the "Delete" column, to the right. Look directly below the table you are in, and click the button labeled "delete." This will delete your xbox from the list.

Step 7: Now, just above the "CURRENT DHCP LEASES" table, is the "RESERVE NEW IP ADDRESS" table. In that table, type your xbox's mac address (the one you wrote down), separating every two digits with a colon ":".

Step 8: Check the IP Address that you wrote down. Whatever its last digit is, you'll want to put that same digit in the box in the column labeled "IP Address".

Step 9: Check the box that says "bypass firewall," and click the "add" button, just below the table.
Your xbox's information will now have returned to the table below, labeled "CURRENT DHCP LEASES," and in the "bypass firewall" column, it should say "yes."

Step 10: Now scroll up to the table labeled "GAMING DMZ" and click the arrow in the drop down menu . select the IP Address of your xbox (the same as the ip address that you wrote down earlier). Click apply.

Step 11: return to your xbox. xbox controller - home button - settings tab - system settings - network settings - click "test xbox live connection" let it go through it's thing, and no more error message should pop up. If no errors pop up, then you have successfully connected. You win.

If errors do pop up, you're -----, and it's time to switch to Sony :P
It seems motorola probably just changed their web browser interface layout since the original article was written over a year ago. Hope this can help some of you.



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