Most bizarre controller problem you will ever hear of......

long story short, i bought a mini pro ex wired controller new from walmart, came home and started playing nhl 12 vs mode online.... played about 7 games and then in the middle of the 8th game, i turn the puck over and hit right trigger to change players on defense and nothing happens.... i press it a few times and still cant change into the player on my team closest to the puck. My opponent then turns it over to me, i become the guy with the puck obviously and hit right trigger to pass and it works... i pass a few times in a row and assume it was just glitchin or laggy or something when i couldnt change players and keep playing. Next time he has the puck it happens again and i cant switch players.... anyways, i lose the game and im scratching my head wondering wtf is going on. i go to my friends list to see if anyone who might know whats up is on, and i go to use the right trigger to scroll down and it works just fine.... i go to a few different lobbies to see if right trigger works fine and it does, on different games, netflix, whatever... the only time right trigger doesnt work is when i dont have the puck playing nhl 12... or so i thought, i popped in nhl 11 just for **** and it did the same damn thing...... my mind has been blown for hours wondering how this is possible... i tried uninstalling and reinstalling, i tried using both usb ports, i tried letting the xbox chill and turned it off for an hour, i returned that controller and exchanged it for another of the same kind, and the new one still does it.... i turned on my old wireless controller and right trigger works just fine.... freakkin bizarre !!!! anyone got an idea just wtf this could be ?


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Yeah I got an idea. The triggers use potentiometers to determine how far a trigger is pulled. Most games only require around 70% to get full response for action and the dashboard and menus probably only around 20-30%. This third party controller might no be sending the full or near full signal the game is looking for.


Seeing as it licensed for the 360 not sure how this could happen though unless they didn't properly design it to spec.