mortal kombat x update is taking 3 hours and 57 mins

its crazy mine is taking 3 hours and 57 mins just to up date and i called a friend of mine and he said

his was going to take 26 hours and 15 mins , gee how fast does your internet have to be what is everyone useing ?

i need to look into another company if this keeps happening for new updates


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My Mortal Kombat X deluxe edition only took about 15 minutes to download and update.  I do not understand why some users hours.  I wonder how this can be addressed  outside of ISP

Op hasn't stated how fast their internet connection is.....

could try the DNS trick, sometimes your default DNS addresses (that are provided by your ISP) do not contain the shortest route to the Xbox Live servers, so sometimes changing to like the Google DNS, or OpenDNS, can speed up the download time.

but under the network settings, you can change the X1's DNS to and (Google's DNS), give that a shot.