Mortal Kombat Select Screen Hack Report

I called X Box  about it and they sugested I bring this up on the forums. They gave me a reference number for the call as well. The ref # 1157969032.


So many times now on ranked mode the selecet screen freezes up and you can not choose a character. Your oponent is trying to force you to quit the match for an easy win. Also if they do it in their prope way their GT will not show up or can you ever find it by navigating w/ your X Box Guide button throgh the friends section. They are clever enough so you can not report them or anything. Earlier today someone did it wrong and the GT was visible in the select screen. I could not choose a player and he left the match. He did not want me to get a good look at his GT, unfotunately for him his GT was easy to remember. I tried to look him up, but he was able to make it so that he was not on the list of other players you hane enteracted with. Too bad for him I remembered his GT and was able to report it . Hopefully they'l do something about it once they read this.


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