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So, I've been on my XB1 for about as long as its been out. And I've gone through numerous controllers. Not because I break them in two or they short out, but because the buttons give out. The most common ones to give out are the Right Bumper, the entire D-pad, and the Left Bumper. I know you cant make an indestructible controller, but can you at least make them a bit more durable? If you could point me in the direction of a controller brand that's more durable AND has the jack for my Turtle Beaches, that'd be great.

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im pretty gentle with my controllers and the left stick just broke while playing bl2! you know you only use it for aiming

I never had this problem i have my xb1 since april and everything is ok i think that the xb1 is the most durable of all

I would agree. Out of all the controllers I've had for various systems, I've been impressed with Microsoft's products the most.