Mom of hacked 12 year old disabled boy

Hi all i am the mom of a distressed 12 year old boy that on Friday night had his account hacked. He's autistic and attends a special school his Xbox is a great enjoyment for him. Not only did they hack him they went on to spend £400 on my card in minuets. Then when we got his account back today they taunted him with messages and voice messages telling him to join the party if he wanted his money back. Im devastated for him and very scared as to how safe he is now at all playing his Xbox.

On questioning him i believe there were 2 involved 1 talked him into joining the party and the other hacked him a proper little tag team only those 2 and my son was in the party yet only my son got hacked?. Ive never posted on a forum before and I'm unsure as to if I'm allowed to post there gamer tags ? If i am can someone let me know I'm more than happy to name and shame them.

I just don't know what to do about it how i keep him safe now? i feel like just throwing the Xbox out altogether but its the only time he talks and communicates with people is when he has that headset on.

Thank you all for listening a very worried mom 


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Firstly,you can't be hacked over xbox live.Your son or someone must have given out the login details or were phished,that's the only way these scum could of got into your sons account.

You are right not calling out the gamertags,there's a "no name & shame" policy on the forums.

The only way to report these people is via your console,also block & avoid them.

There are several details on setting up security on live here

Thank you for your reply. He didn't give out his log in details so it must have been the other although i don't know what phished is,  I have contacted Microsoft and in all fairness to them they have been good and have given me a number to give my bank to claim the money back. Its not just about the money its about the damage and setback that they have caused my boy. Im sure if they seen what they had done to him they wouldn't hack again.

I have now blocked them both from messaging him but his confidence and mine has gone.

Thanks for you help and advice very much appraised

Unfortunately there are people like this about but have a good read through the things on the page I've linked & you should be able to avoid running into them.

For the most part the majority of people on live are fine,but,like everything else,you will get some filth.

Any other questions just ask here & i'll do my best to help.

No matter what you may hear. If it's connected to the Net, it can be hacked.

Best thing to do is keep your Credit/Debit card/other personal info off of the net. If you want xbox live, then buy a 3 - 12 Xbox Live card at your local box store.

If you want to purchase a digital game etc via the xbox console. Then I suggest buying Xbox cash cards at a box store. (Whatever you guy's in the UK call them) in the amount to cover the Game/DLC price + tax if applicable.

If you feel purchases were made without your consent. Contact your Bank/Credit Card company and let them know 1st, if they tell you to contact Xbox Support. Then tell them to hold while you put them on

3 way with Xbox Support. That way, the both of you can hear what Xbox Support has to say.  

Incorrect,your xbox live account can not be hacked

Can you elaborate Daft Badger? I would assume that if someone gained access to your account, they also have full access to your Xbox details also? Such as a brute force hack.

Or are you just referring to the use of the term "Hacked"?


To the OP - along with Daft Badgers advice, I would also suggest looking into Microsoft's 2Step Authentication to add an extra layer of security on top of your username and password.

Hi thanks all for your replies. I don't understand the difference between hacked phished or what term I'm meant to use. All i know is they got in and it wasn't using a password! as he's under 18 the main account is mine he don't even know his password it signs him in automatic. Xbox have removed my card details from the account now but the damage is done.

Im still waiting on the outcome from Microsoft after giving them the profile names and details but heard nothing, at the moment my bank has refunded the £400 that was spent but have warned me without confirmation from Microsoft that money will be removed back from my account.

Could anyone tell me how long it normally takes for them to deal with stuff like this? Also where they will contact me will it be my account or sons? On Xbox or via email?? Just getting worried as not heard anything off them since it was reported on the 4th September.