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Any one know how I can change the original settings when I set up the account it is set as an 11 year old, but need to change to 16,


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Dont think you can sorry

Don`t think it`s possible,only way is to create a whole new account.

You cannot change any settings, until you reach Legal Age to Vote, in the Country you live in.

You have 2 more years to wait!  

You can't change the DOB once the account it made. You'll have to make a new one.

You can't change the DOB as Sonic Scream has pointed out.

If you wish to keep everything, associated with your current account, then just have patience.

If you could change whenever you wanted that would defeat the whole point, sorry.

so for some reason you managed to enter in your DOB incorrectly by 5 years huh.....oh dear, Schoolboy error clearly

I accidently put in my date of birth a year off and just turned 18. can i fix this? 1225128775

You cannot change your account DoB

Viral is spot on correct. Once you punch in a DoB its sealed and cannot be changed, at all.


Im going to lock up this thread due to it being 2 years old.


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