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I am trying to contact the Xbox development team, in particular regards to the development of the controllers.

My idea gives the user more support when using the joystick pad on the controller.

My disability stops me from playing a lot of games due to my thumb slipping off the control because of a lack of mobility and hand coordination. But this invention allows me, and will allow a lot of people, stability and control when using the Xbox controller.

Since encountering this problem with the Xbox controller I have implemented my invention onto my own xbox controller and it works perfectly, except for maintenacne. The attatchment is weak becuase it is man-made so I regularly have to replace the xbox controller. However if Xbox were to start producing accessible controllers I think many people would benefit from it.

I have a photograph of my invention, which will expain it to you, but I am unable to upload it. If you could send me an email address I could show you my idea.

Thank you

Chris Lucas



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Nice. I looked at your picture. I hate to burst your bubble, but they already make the same exact thing. Here is a link.



you have not burst your bubble, i just want  

it takes me weeks to get them maid and fited

hi Where can i get this fome please

Some folks like to use the ps3 convex controller thumbsticks on their 360 controller. Just dremel off a little bit of the skirt under the thumbstick and you are good to go. Just another alternative to the concave controller thumbsticks currently available for most 360 controllers.