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Just a quick question to ask, when Modern warfare 3 comes out, will sainsbury be selling the game for £26 like they did for MW2 and Black ops?


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Well no one will know till MW3 comes out...there will possibly be some  discount deal for it, but I would be very surprised if they just dropped the price to that low this year. But you never know...just have to wait and see Orphan

At best I'd expect to see a buy MW3 for £25/30 when bought with either 12 months gold or 2100 M$ points. Or possibly £40/50 worth of groceries.

My sainsburys didnt even know about the BF3 offer, I had to tell them that the offer was on. They were surprised because they knew nothing about the offer.

J Sainsbury's didn't sell Black Ops for £26. They sold it for £35 if you bought £50 of groceries. MW2 they sold for £26 for 3 days only from launch. For MW3 they will most probally ask you to buy your shopping with them.

OMG does he never stop!

Probably not no. They will probably have the usual deals as the others have outlined, best thing to do is shop around a see where is best. I will, personally, be getting my copy from Gamestation online.

I've got my copy pre ordered at Sainsbury's but I have no idea what price it will be as yet.

My neighbour works in Sainsburys and as far as they are aware they won't be selling any games in future at these prices as they lose too much potential money in the long run.

The days of offers like that are sadly gone. The aim of the MW2 Sainsburys offer was to get you in a store in the hope you would do your food shop at the same time. Instead at my local there was a queue of 50 males aged 15-30 (including myself) all buying the game and not much else! Getting wise to this the supermarkets now put the 'when bought with' rule in there. I hope to be proved wrong on MW3 but doubt it...

I doubt there will be any standalone offers on MW3, chances are that you'll have to buy a minimum of 30 pounds worth of stuff or buy a MS points card/gold subscription card to get it at a discounted price if any superstore even runs any offers.

If Tesco does an offer I'll probably get it as I get another 10% off on top.