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Way to over done. I hope it fails and Battle field takes over. Cod do not spend enough time on their games they need to do more !!!.

Slightly improved graphics and water physics, other than that i don't see how it's any different from the previous CoD game. To me it seems that the CoD series is turning into an Apple product, a new one released every 8 months with minor changes made.

Looks the same as MW2.......

Looking good imo, roll on november.

Only want this for multiplayer anyway so I'm waiting to see that

Looks...Ok, no doubt about it...

CoD is becoming a bit like a cheesy action film to me... always bits in it which were done to add cinematic effect but are becoming over-used and so lose their effect (e.g the gory cinematic kills in Black Ops)...

its shockingly similar

but MP will have some crazy *** i am sure so its still gonna be good

Looks like they have got themselves another Xmas No.1

[quote user="Mexicola1984"]

Looks the same as MW2.......