Modern Warfare 3, DLC Pack 1.

For anyone who didn't go for Elite the first map pack has been up for a few days to download an its the best value pack for any COD game  ever IMO. Consisting of 4 well designed maps and 2 brilliant special OPs missions bundled together for 1200 points it offers many hours of game play at a good price point.

I understand it works out cheaper if you buy Elite but for me I expect to be only buying the first and last DLC packs so no need for me to pay the £40 price for Elite. So ignoring all the "COD Sucks wahhh wahhhhh" or "The COD comunity sucks wahhh wahhhhhh" oh and incidently the COD comuntiy tend to be gamers not forum whingers :) has anyone else gone for the DLC pack1?


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has anyone else gone for the DLC pack1?


I am Elite so I have the content already.


It's a great edition to the best COD they've made yet.




For me MW3 is far from the best COD ever, in fact i want hugely impressed with it.......until the new maps were released under Elite. MW3 was released with mainly tiny maps and I just didnt like it, the new maps are well designed and big enough to make you think rather than run and gun. For me the new maps broght me back to the game and id say 9/10 maybe just maybe elite was worth the money. Can I ask OP why you say youlll only buy the first and last map packs? Seems a bit odd surely if your a fan and gonna be buying the packs for the sake of an additional 1200 poinst to the 2400 your gonna spend seems a bit wasteful to not get them all and get them early if your gonna spend in essense what is 2/3 of the price of elite anyway to get half the content and get it late.

I will probably only the buy the first and last because I there is only 10 maps in total I think. So we have already had 4 and I don't really play Spec-Ops an I assume the next DLC drops will have more Spec-Ops an less maps so I won't bother.

To be honest I only got this one due to it having 4 maps, I wasn't going to bother at all, that and the fact I had 500 MS points from xbox rewards so I just bought 800 points for £8.

If I find some money off codes where I can buy points for cheap I might buy all of them, like the last one where you could get 2100 points form VERY for £3.

I have it......... haven't really played it much as i only got my XBL up and running today!

Currently getting my a*se handed to me but its good fun and the new maps seem good from what i've played!

^ best cod yet?!?! lol .... mw1 is the benchmark and probably awalys will be :) i think that mw2/3 are virtually as good as one another and then the rest arent that bad waw,blops. as for the map pack ... its worth it. black box is a very good map !!!!!

I bought it and the maps are great fun. Really enjoying them.

@Ohimgood - MW3 game has 16 maps. DLC1 has 4 maps. 21 maps so far.. feb got 1 map called Overwatch. Theres gonna be 20 drops in total. Most will be maps.


I'm on elite premium.

Awful game, with a under 16 fan base.

With the new maps can you play Deathmatch games or are they team death only as someone once told me.

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