Modern Warfare 2 £40

Why is this game still £40 on xbl when you can go to tesco's and get it for £10 brand new. Some crazy MS overpricing and they dont even have retail cost to inccur and you dont even get a phyical disc.


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1. cash

2. cow

argos are still selling black ops for £47.99.

some of the GOD prices have become more resonable... RDR is 20 quid, Batman AA is 15, Modern Warfare 1 is 20 quid... i'm actually tempted by MW1.. the cheapest i've seen it in store is add my bus fare or parking it'd be closer to 20... plus get a few online games on it... worth it!

You'd be lucky to get a game of mw1 without people using infections mate

doing alright so far!! 5 matches down..all clean

COD 4 is a mess at the moment, if you get a clean lobby stick with it. Shame as its good fun online.

i've just had about a dozen matches... 1 S&D, 2 FFA and the the rest MTDM.... all were clean and good fun...brought back a lot of memories.. i nipped to sainsbury's and picked it up for 15 quid... GOTY edition brand new..thought if it's that bad, trade it in tomorrow for Reach or something... I'll stick with it for a few days...see if it gets worse

I get a lot of matches on Call of Duty 4 without any hackers or modders.

i'm actually very glad... i enjoyed COD4 so much more than MW2 or WAW ... better perks... better maps... it's just...better!