Modern WarFail 3

Before I get black bagged and bundled out the room let me first explain.

from what people who have seen the game and played little bits have said, it hasn't advanced much also rumours are about that Activision are pushing the development team and rushing them to get the game ready.

Many reviewers are predicting that the games quality might be seriously comprimised by the rush as from advanced clips and videos people have already noticed little details that were missed, such as ammo clips having no bullets in them and just being empty clips.


So Have activision finally lost it ?


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Holy *** that's a lot of quotes.

I must say, your highly witty thread title made me laugh so hard I didn't even take the time to read your initial post.

[quote user="SONIC SCREAM 07"]Homefront.[/quote]

This wasn't too bad until i/ you couldn't connect to a server then issues occurred (rank resets ...etc)


COD = Easy pick up and play

Any other game which slightly moves off or slightly is not like COD then it won't sell alot e.g Take Battlefield for example it has a bit of a block movement to it.


As a bit of knowledge in game design, i suspect they didn't add an ammo clip counter because they may of wanted to test the reload animation along with the code (if 30 bullets have been fired then reload animation, otherwise do nothing).

The code maybe there but it may of been commented/ hidden.

[quote user="CosmicThoughts"]

[quote user="hobblejp"]Also @ Storm of Souls I'd say I named a fair few better there.[/quote]I think it's quite obvious given the loaded nature of your opening post and thread title that your simply trying to incite and provoke a response. That raises legitimate questions about your subsequent posts. Setting that aside however....

You saying they are better does not mean they are better. Since better is entirely subjective from person to person, the only half-reasonable way of determining if x is better than y is through common consensus. Given that Call of Duty often tops the polls and ratings year after year, and given it always sells, and it is always played, it's reasonable to state that more people think that it is the best game of the year than who don't.



By this if I can find a game that has scored above said COD games in reviews on the same site I can claim COD was beat right

So here goes 2009

COD MW 2 review score from PC gamer UK 85%

Left 4 Dead 2 Review score from PC gamer 92%

thats one complete trump there


Blops: 1up review A- , Edge 7/10 , game informer 9/10, gamespot 9/10, gamespy 4 star, IGN 8.5, metacritic 87.6%


Red Dead 1up review A , edge 9/10, game informer 9.75 / 10, gamespot 9.5 /10, gamespy 5 star, IGN 9.7, metacritic 94.76 %


Halo Reach: 1up A+, edge 9/10, game informer 9.5/ 10, IGN 9.5, OXM perfect 10 meta critic 91%


BFBC2: edge 8, game informer 9.5, IGN 8.9, Metacritic 88%


Just Cause 2: 1up A, IGN 8.8


now for the much contested 2011

Brink : PC gamer 76%

Red Faction PC gamer 84%, 1 up 91%, OXM 85%

so unless MW 3 beats them and the not rated yet games it hasn't won this year either


I'll take my victory smoothie now thank you.

Also before I get yelled at saying OMG he's bashing COD because its popular I have played COD games (not MW2 or WAW) but I do own a copy of Blops and have owned a copy of COD 4, its just to me I think the games are alot of hype in the end attached to an ok game and the true question is will this next one sell because of it being worth the money or will it be terrible and rushed as if you can't get what of the game they had done polished for the showcase whos going to step up and say the game will be fully polished for the public release ?



I think they should just condense all these shooters in a shooter blender and call it 'Call of Battlefields: Modern Company-zone'. It's not like there are any substantial differences between them anyway

[quote user="I NarroW FacE I"]It'll be the most popular and best-selling game this year[/quote]


There you go.

"Popularity =/= something good


perfect example: Justin Beiber and /or Twilight"


Point proven, you just jump on the bandwagon and hate anything that's popular.
I'm done reading your posts, your entire argument is void and you just proved it.

Another day, another argument.

At the end of the day, the game will be successful and sell purely based on hype rather than quality.


Also how do i quote previous posts, i only know how to quote the last post made?

[quote user="FatMond"]

[quote user="mr matty uk"]Give it a rest will ya cod games are far from the best games. 

They are rushed and you can always tell that year in year out, 

Just because its the biggest selling games doesnt mean its the best end of. [/quote]


Name 2 shooters from 2009 that were better than MW2.


Name 2 shooters from 2010 that were better than BLOPS.


Name 2 shooters from 2011 that will be better than MW3.


You can't end of.


2009:Killzone 2, Battlefield 1943 and Halo3: ODST

2010: Mass Effect 2 , Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Perfect Dark 64

2011: Battlefield 3, Rage and Uncharted 3 (heck you can even throw in Halo:A and Gears 3 if you like).

There you go I have given you 3. COD is generic and overrated in my opinion, ridiculous gameplay mechanics punish you even if you have done nothing wrong. Grenade spam at spawn, ridiculous kill streaks. Of course it all comes down to opinion but it rankles me that they can expect to charge me £40 a year for what amounts to the same game. No thanks.

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