Moderate/Strict NAT help please

Hi there, i have come to notice i have a strick/moderate nat as i can not connect to some of my friends on gta online, how can i get an open nat?

all help is very appreciated.


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Either restart your router, or do a hard reset.


follow that link dude it will tell you all you need to know.

I find that often simply testing your connection changes it to open.

@DJ i have reset my modem a handful of times and no change, what is the hard reset?

It wipes all the settings etc, like a hard reboot on a phone. Which provider are you with?

BT broadband i have the BT home hub 2.0, i clicked the reset to factory settings and still have nat issues

GOT IT WORKING... i think, i have connected to the friend i couldnt connected to earlier. i followed this

When my mate has a NAT problem he just uses the test connection on xbox and that seems to fix it for him

All you have to do is go in to your router advanced settings.  When there make sure that UPnP is on and then simply place your console, via the mac address associated with it in to the DMZ.  Once in the DMZ all incoming and outgoing traffic goes through your console without restriction.  In essence OPEN NAT!

@ DaiZwei    Not that easy with the bt home hub 2 i'm afraid especially if it's the type B as it does not do DMZ very well. But on the positive side this little hub should always give you an open nat if you have the standard factory settings and assign an ip address to your console, all that is needed is an occasional reset (turn off and back on).