modders/hackers in Black Ops

I was playing a game with my two best friends on Black Ops Zombies, it was supposed to be a good game with us all finishing the easter egg for the moon map and this one guy joins the lobby so we ready up and the game starts, then we notice that he starts flying everywhere, we knew that he was a hacker/modder so we backed out of the lobby and since me and my friends left as a party the modder/hacker couldn't play anyway (phew!) my friends and i feel that just filing a complaint just wont do anything and i know that we can't name gamertags in the forums and i respect that but anyways, any other ideas on how to deal with this?


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Stop playing Call of Duty.

Or, if you want a laughable one -- Contact Activision/Treyarch and ask them to fix their game.  lol.

^^ Yeah,good luck with that lol.

Filing a complaint is the only thing you can do & it does work.

lol i doubt treyarch or activision will do anything to fix it with Black Ops being an old game