modded gamerscore, an idea!

hey there, ive been a part xbox live now for nearly 4 years, and over the time ive been around ive noticed people modding there gamerscore?

now im a completionist of sorts, i aim to atleast get 700G+ per game but to what use?

now hear me out this idea has probrably got a few holes in it but i think it can be worked upon?

so, your standerd games got about 30-40 achievements right?

which sums to atleast 1000-1000+

why not start putting things with games that ARE impossible, but needless to obtain, like completing halo 3 on legendary with just your side arm.

if someone had that achievement then it means solely, that they have modded the game/achievement, and should then be dealt with accordingly

if things like this could be worked upon, then questions like " omg why dont MS just convert GS into MSP" wont be asked, because of a more logical answer.

its common sense, i seen someone glitching on black ops 2 yesterday underneith the bomb and the floor itself glitching,

its so noticable, and the fact that we have to pay £5 (uk) for xbox live, is horrendous when people can ruin it like that.



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[quote user="dizz mcnizy"]why not start putting things with games that ARE impossible,[/quote]

So you want to stop genuine players from being able to complete games to 100% just to catch some gamerscore modders?


There are much easier ways to spot the modders now,without ruining games for others.

GS Modders are easy as heck to spot as it is. No need to do something inane like this.


Also, Cod game son EVERY platform have problems with cheaters and modders. Blame the developers for creating second rate clones with half arsed security to their software and servers.

Sorry but that is a terrible idea. why ruin the game for us normal gamers who play by the rules.


Anyway it is so easy to spot gamerscore modders that there is no need for a crazy idea like yours.

Stop calling yourself a completionist, a completionist would never pitch an idea that makes a game impossible to complete. Besides, the modders that get away with it aren't dumb enough to get an achievement like that. The ones that do will be caught eventually anyways.

Tell me something? If you are such a "completionist" then how come you have only got maximum gamerscore on 4 games out of 118 played?


That doesn't sound like a "completionist" to me. Sounds more like the work of a totally rubbish game player to me..


Oh and your idea still sucks.

A lot of normal achievements are impossible for me anyway, lol

I don't think that this is the solution to the problem, but a good attempt. I'll disagree with putting achievements in that are nearly (or Are) impossible to complete just for the purpose of locating those that tamper with their gamerscore. I think the real solution would be to bump up the number of Policy Enforcement Team agents so that there are more "Cops" than there are "Robbers".

That's just my two cents though..

Maybe I'm the only one here with a job and friends but I don't waste my time with fulfilling every achievement.  I just flat out don't care about them.  I'm surprised people get so bent out of shape over the topic. lol

I never thought that gaming would ever result to Something like online entitlements (gamerscore) could ruin a game for somebody. It's a friggin video game for Christ sakes. Not a popularity contest. I guess an idea like this would completely ruin gaming for somebody like this.

There's an easier way to tell if someone is modding their gamerscore. Just look at their time stamps.

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