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I was wondering why people that use illegal controllers are not getting banned. Tonight I played with [Mod Removed],  on mw3. All of them had a hack one way or another including modded controllers. I was then told that you Microsoft will not do anything and if you did he will just make another name and one of which even admited using a hack, which I alrdy knew. So this brings me to this point. If you MS will not stop this action then I will join them and pay 150 dollars for the latest modded controller with the illegal hacks. Now the responds I will get 1. no name and shame responce to this I belive there should be and its freedom of speech. 2 there are no hacks out. my responce there is. I told everyone that there were hacks out for black ops long time ago no1 belived me til I posted a pic of it over the net and it was taken down. 3 you as a company ms needs to listen to the people who pays your bills.


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If you are saying that you will get a modded controller doesn't that mean that you are admitting you will hack?

[quote user="Floorboss"]If you MS will not stop this action[/quote]File a complaint and block communication with the gamertags on Live. File a complaint with Activision on their MW3 forums.[quote]you as a company ms needs to listen to the people who pays your bills.[/quote]Activision publishes MW3, not Microsoft.


Licensed turbo controllers are permitted on the Service. Games are supposed to be written to deal with turbo controllers. You're blaming the wrong party. Blame Activision.

buying a modded controller could get you yourself banned, i myself have a modded controller ( WHICH I USE ONLY IN PRIVATE MATCHES ) but you can use them in public matches, which is yes illegal but considering about 1/4 of the call of duty players use them, there is nothing they care about if one more person ( YOU ) are to get one more modded controller, your just hurting yourself and helping and encouraging the people who make them

You are saying you are willing to do the exact same thing that people are doing to irritate you?  So far I don't understand the point of this.  However, it apparently takes a while for them to detect a modded controller.  They don't want to mistake someone's old worn out one with jittery buttons as a mod.  

Pardon my ignorance, but what exactly constitutes a modded controller?

If the controller is altered in any way after it leaves the factory, it's considered to be modded. It does not matter if a third party company serves as the middleman.

I can't see how using a modded controller would be considered hacking, since there are anyway many "MS certified" 3rd party controllers on the market that have been altered from the original Xbox controller design to improve players gaming performance. So I'd expect it to be the game developers responsibility to create such controller logic that makes it fair to play the game with any controller.

- and with "controller logic" I mean the way the game itself handles controller input.