Modded Controllers grounds for banning?

Hi, I was wondering if using a controller like this in an online game is grounds for being banned on xbox live?

It lets you use turbos, remap controls, and adjust settings for rapid fire/sniping. Will using this get you banned?


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All types of mods can get you banned. Okay I mean they shouldn't because I got banned from world at war demo for having a 'Modded Controller' When it was actually my trigger finger..So they should be legal, Shame on them for not being a modded controller.

I think that in the case of that example, I'd say no. I would think MS has to license these things for use, but maybe not. If it's not licensed/approved by them, then it's obviously grounds for banning. I'm fine with that, though--using modded hardware to get an unfair advantage SHOULD be grounds for a ban, just like modding/hacking on PC games.

I used to use a modded controller double trigger but noticed as newer games come out the pad got worse or made no diffrence i seemed to be at a disadvantage on black ops my guns would empty there clips with no bullets visible or slow down the fire rate for the automatic guns. I think alot of devs are catching on to modded pads and they seem to double in price once modded.

All games should be played as they were designed by their respective creators. If people want to use a modded controller then they have no skill, and need to go play on Playstaion. I hear that's where all the cheats and hacks hang out anyway. A modded controller is just another form of cheating. MS/XBL should come up with a program to dectect modded controllers, in order to protect those with naturally good trigger fingers. Once a modded controller is found that person should be banned upon investigation. Just my opinion.


i think any controller you use your computer to program should get you banned, cause who knows how far that the "modding" will go.

sure it starts out with turbo fire, next your deranking everyone in modern warfare 1 so they are rank -1 and unable to use the playlists and play online.

There is a difference between a modded controller and a quick trigger finger. With a quick trigger finger there is always a break in the fire of a weapon. Whereas a modded controller is a constant rate of fire. On games like MW3 and Black Ops, I recommend going to Theater Mode and watching the video of the suspected person.

If they are using a modded controller then make a video clip. For Black Ops make the clip 29s & under. For MW3 make the clip 45s & under. Next, upload the clip via the Render option. After Rendering, (if you have not done this yet) follow the on-screen prompt to Call of Duty's website theater. Next create a YouTube account, and link it with your Call of Duty profile.

After you have uploaded the video, you can then link the video to @XboxSupport Twitter feed. Be sure to use the in-game tools for reporting, and also report them through their XBL Player Card. Recently I caught two people boosting on MW3. I followed the same method I just described. Here is the clip I made and turned in: Boosters Caught. I know this thread is about Modded controllers, but the video link is used only as an example in this thread.

Modded controllers, Boosting, or any other type of cheat needs to be cleaned out of our games. If my team, Team ICEE, catches anyone cheating this is what we do as described above. Some of my teammates don't have YouTube, so I pull their clips off their Vault/Theater and upload it for them. If we legit gamers do this process, then the cheats will soon go back to Playstation where they belong.

the turbo fire controller wont get u banned i have one

Okay according to webpage quoted "terms of service, using the service. use any automated process or service (such as a bot, a spider, periodic caching of information stored by Microsoft, or metasearching) to access or use the Service, or to copy or scrape data from the Service; 14. service operation and equipment You may only access the Service with an Authorized Device or by logging into your account via the World Wide Web. You agree that: (i) you are using only authorized software and hardware to access the Service; (ii) your software and hardware have not been modified in any unauthorized way (e.g., through unauthorized repairs, unauthorized upgrades, or unauthorized downloads); and (iii) we have the right to send data, applications or other content to any software or hardware that you are using to access the Service for the express purpose of detecting an unauthorized modification. You must not attempt to disassemble, decompile, create derivative works of, reverse engineer, modify, further sublicense, distribute, or use for other purposes the Service, any game, application, or other content available or accessible through the Service, or any hardware associated with the Service or with an Authorized Device. If you do so, we may cancel your account and your ability to access the Service, and pursue other legal remedies. We may take any legal action we deems appropriate against users who violate our systems or network security, this contract or any additional terms incorporated or referenced in this contract. Such users may also incur criminal or civil liability. cont. section (iii) upgrade, modify, withdraw, suspend, or discontinue any functionality or feature of the Service, any game or other content available or accessible through the Service, or any hardware or software associated with the Service or with an Authorized Device, from time to time without notice. We may do so by the automatic download of related software directly to your Authorized Device, including software that prevents you from accessing the Service, playing pirated games, or using unauthorized hardware peripheral devices." 

okay so my concern is specifically unauthorized hardware peripheral devices, which I refer is rapid fire controller bought on-line, now according to microsoft's website try is no controller available for sale on their site. So this mean just because it's look's like original xbox controller inorder for the function of rapid fire a chip has to be inserted into the controller, so does this count as a modded peice of hardware. Because obiviously if MS doesnt sell it someone is opening up the original controller and inserting these chips to enable the rapid fire function. So this is clearly a modified piece of equipment. Is this agreed upon, or does a chip in a controller not count because it is not in the xbox, however it says unauthorized hardware peripheral devices which is any device that have been disassembled and a mod chip inserted and then resold and some these companies claim thier controller are certified MS controller, however it is clearly not, because it was opened and a chip was inserted. And other companies claim you can still play with it online because MS doesn't detect it. How hard is it to detect online a controller that is pulling a left or right trigger at 80 times a second. This expoilt should be easy to detect, no one can click a button more than what 20 or 30 times a second and even that is far fetched.

The problem I'm having is that these controllers is being sold for twenty or so dollars more than an original XBOX controller, so everyone and their kids have them. And because certain games that are very competitive, have an auto aim feature that works by locking on by the quick pressing of the left trigger, so now i'm at a specific disadvantage unless I myself want to break the code of conduct. However I know better, because i actually read the terms of service and understand the competitive online gaming areana and feel modifying, cheating, boosting explioting is something that should be addressed and not praticed. I have contact the specific game, to help put a block on these controllers however no response or interst of the subject was made. However I figured i'm speaking to the wrong people this is an XBOX live service agreement issue, not one of that game. So I beg you Microsoft Gods help stop this expliot, if you need a specific game and the actually expliot and how it's causing a unfair advantage by player who invest 20 extra dollars. If this issue is something that your are not going to ban, or attempt to address please clearify that Rapid fire controllers can be used online and not just off line. That way, I'm not a clear disadvantage and I can just buy one without believe I will be summoned by the MS Gods, and you guys are good, your service is a blessing and I dont know how I would spend my free with out XBOX. So I got faith in your company. Please check in on this, but this expliot is making one of your multi-million dollar game bite, because of the mod, and I read the agreement and it clearly states this is an expliot by way or modified game pad.

@Alley Boy Cash, I was only able to read what you posted through my email, so you might want to re-post it. From what I read in your post, from my email, is that MS clearly states that Modded Controllers and such devices are illegal. We now have the ammo to fight against the cheaters.

Come on, MS, where are you at in this? We gamers pay MS good money to game in a fair environment. If we wanted to play with cheats then we would have signed up on PSN. Anybody from XBLET or Support have two cents to put in on this?

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