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After my first console failure i sent it back to the company i got it from for a full refund. I then purchased a brand new Xbox One Day One Edition console for the cost of £500.  I turned the console on, updated the console, then redownloaded all of my digital games from the store.  After 24 hours i decide to install one of my disc based games.  I put the game in and the console failed to read the game, saying please insert an xbox one game or a blu ray disc.  So i try to put in another game, i then get the same problem.  I message customer support who then tell me to restore the console back to factory settings.  Nothing they told me to do worked so i contact the seller who tells me he has no stock left of the Xbox One and to contact microsoft for console replacement as its under warranty.

I contact support who create a repair order and insist on myself shipping it to Germany because that is where the service repair centre is located.  I am told my console will be replaced with a new one.  The console arrives in Germany and 24 hours later my console is sent back to me.  It takes 3 days to be delivered to me.  I receive my original console back in really poor condition, scratched to bits on the top and now sounds like a jumbo jet taking off. I contact support again only to be told i was not entitled to a replacement and that a repair was undertaken.  So not only was i lied to by customer support i am now stuck with a console that does not work correctly and is in poor cosmetic condition.  Their response send it back to the seller.  I go through ebay as the seller is refusing to take back the console and i send back at my own expense. I receive a partian refund (not a full one) because of the service centre making the new console in poor cosmetic condition and it is not functioning correctly.

I cannot afford to buy a new console and Microsoft refused to do anything about it (althought after i sent it back) they said they would repair the console again.  My advice is do not purchase an Xbox One.  Get a PS4 or stick with your Xbox 360.


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