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After playing countless unfair games at the hands of people with the infamous "jtag" mod I have taken it upon myself to actively hunt down these cheaters and immediately report their gamertags. So far up to 18 tags have been reported on Call of Duty: World at War alone. But I'm worried that the Xbox Live Enforcement Team might not take my reports seriously and let these guys slip through their fingers. So I am asking them to please give my reports some consideration. Currently I have two messages from two modders, one threatened to have me banned, and another soliciting and promoting console modding should they need evidence. So I ask the Enforcement team to please help us gamers who want to see our games new and old returned to a state of equilibrium.


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Each and every report is looked at within 24 hours of being filed. They do take their job seriously and take proper action on accounts. You don't need to save messages, just file a report and move on. You might also want to make sure you follow the rules and don't post any profanity in your bio