Mod edit: how to apply to be an XBLPET LIVE enforcement agent?

Hello Xbox Community.

Over the last 2 years or so i have been participating in a Voluntary role of GM - GameMaster with a company called StarVault.   Being that it was indeed voluntary and I had other commitments decided to leave the team.  I have been influenced however by my GirlFriends son who plays the Xbox quite a bit and uses this account, and would like to know how I can apply for a position as a Moderator to ensure the safety of children online as well as dealing with cheats, complaints, hacks and so forth.

Is there a link anyone could provide me it would be much appreciated.

Thank you..


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To join the Enforcement Team you would also need to relocate to their offices in Redmond, Seattle. As that is where they are based.

Thank you for your efforts and time.  I will check the link out and apply asap relocating is not a problem..

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You are aware of course that there may not be any open positions on the Enforcement Team at the present time


As a paid position inside one of Microsoft's biggest brands, any vacancy is likely to attract a lot of applications.


I wish you luck in applying should a position be available.

Fully understand, I did apply some time ago many years ago but never had any reply. As you stated once jobs as such open up they tend to get hurdled with CV's nevertheless an attempt is better than no attempt.

I was a GM with StarVault as indicated above however as it was Voluntary work and a very good job it did not pay, and there are reasons of which I can not discuss..  But real life settled in and sadly had to leave and try and move on to other things

Thanks again

IMO the best course of action is to teach your kids right from wrong and when to step away from the console. You can't chase down all the lowlives and expect to make much of a difference. When one goes down 3 more pop up. The only way you can be sure your kids aren't subject to such harshness is to teach them how to avoid those situations and to walk away when they do pop up.

I would love to be xblpet I should do a lot of good at it to Corporation icepick4000  

Slots slots to protect people that are getting harassed abused on the internet people who do not get help being stuck up for I help with all the time my old gamertag got banned for harassment because I was sticking up for myself guy was harassing children's asking for sexual favors I told him to get the hell out of a lot doesn't lie because he was being disrespectful rude to kids I am somebody that do not approve of a lot of things messing with children is in my biggest pet peeves

I would love to be xblpet I should do a lot of good at it to Corporation icepick4000  

I would love to be xblpet I should do a lot of good at it to Corporation icepick4000  

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