[MOD EDIT] Freezing My Console


I encountered this individual, [MOD EDIT], playing Red Dead Redemption live.

He mods to be invincible, follows me into any free roam I'm in, and freezes my console.  I have a voice message from him where he discusses how he froze my console. 

I confronted him about this and he sent me a voice message saying that if I wanted to talk, here's his personal information.  It was not his info, but another gamer's info that he gave out.  This includes: name, home address, and telephone number.  I called the number to confront[MOD EDIT]and wound up speaking to another gamer who [MOD EDIT] has harassed. His gamer tag is [MOD EDIT], and can corroborate all of this. 

[MOD EDIT]needs to be dealt with immediately by XBOX, he is probably the worst offender when it comes to moding and system tampering I have ever seen.  I have initiated a complaint with XBOX support reference # [MOD EDIT].  If this continues and goes unresolved I will be contacting the local FBI office and speak with the cybercrimes department. 



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File a complaint via your console, set online status & communication to friends only and move on.

Rockstar doesn't moderate their games, if you appear offline the option for people to join your game goes away, try that next time.