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so why exactly does microsoft support the iphoness and ipods and ipads so much more than android? i mean apple is their main competitor. yet they are making apps like nobodies bussiness on them. They dont even name android on their websites.


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There is already an app for Xbox Live (I have it on my Ipod touch).

Maybe MS doesnt support Android because they are involved in litigation with google.

@x24hrs2livex i know, but apple is a MUCH bigger competition than google is. You always hear osx vs windows. stuff like that. @blacksilverace reread my post. a reason they dont support them definantly isnt becuase of power. i mean i have an HTC Evo Shift ( and it runs at 800 mhz. mine is rooted and it overclocks to 1.5 GHZ. no problems.

Yes it do sounds a bit strange but aren't that app mainly for the windows phone? Might be cause there are a lot of iPhone users out tehre and they want to reach there community but still it should be avalible on the Android market cause as far as I know that market is bigger than the apple market.

Why would they not develop for Apple. MS make the Office suite for Mac's, and a majority of people in the world own iPad's, iPhones, etc....why would they ignore customers like me, who love Apple stuff, yet also love my 360 and want to access it?

I would assume they don't support android, because you take on the bigger fish first, and with Apple being that "big" it's easier to get on their platform first. Then they can work on the android, symbian, all phone platforms.

does anyone know of any blackberry apps?

I found a really cool APP for my HTC evo 4g Droid. It's called XBOX Live Statistics Light. There is a paid app but the light does just fine for me. I think it is a easy app to get around in. It also is lets you message users when they are on and see what they are doing on xbox live. So 4 and a half stars for me.

yea i got that, works fine too lol