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In this age of streaming from the net and from the computer it is unthinkable that xbox would not include MKV and MTS codecs into their 360.  The MKV codec is used extensively on the internet for hd programing and MTS is the format shot by HD video cameras.  The PS3 supports MTS. It is a shame to come so close and miss the mark. This is an easy fix add the codecs to the coming fall update.



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I wish the 360 played MKV, I don't understand why 360 or Ps3 have yet to include this codec.

Just to clear it up really quick .MKV is a media container format and the video and audio inside could be encoded in almost any format. Anything from MPEG2 video to 10Bit h264x for video and MP3 to DTS-HD for the audio. Also the format isn't widely used by legitimate content sources and Windows 7&8 don't have native support for the format. If you really want you can always remux the files into a different container or completely re-encode the file into a format supported by the 360.

You can play MKV files if you have:

1) Windows 7

2) Shark007's Codec Pack

3) If you use the Windows Media Center Extender.

I play MKVs on my 360 all the time.

The thing about this is that it's a deliberate slight by microsoft, they talk about the 360 being the entertainment centre of the living room and yet I have to turn in off and turn on my sumvision live player. Not playing mkv's just causes slight amounts of hassle and doesn't stop anyone from engaging in piracy. I would have thought that microsoft would be more interested in selling on the information about what people are watching illegally. Still it's not quite as stupid as only supporting stereo sound for mp4 playback.