mixed media disc?

I have just recently decided to burn songs from my itunes (that i brought legit) onto a DVD rewritable list the music was transferd succesfully but ive put the disc into my 360 to burn the songs on to my hardrive but on the Dashboard it claims its a mixed media disc and can not play only eject. Any ideas what i can do to get this problem?.


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(BUMP) Any help on the matter would be appreciated. Thankyou.

you need to go to the music tab on the dash an play from there.

Can i download the songs off the disc onto the hard drive there aswell

I don't know.

I'm guessing that you just burned the music files to disc?

The 360 will only rip music from an audioCD. So if you have a lot you want to put on your 360 you will need to buy some rewritable CDs.

When you have an audioCD in the drive, simply press A to start  playing and you will see the option called 'Rip CD'.

i need to buy some rewritable cds as im using dvds atm thanks vote!

No problem. Just remember to burn them as audioCDs and not data discs.

To access the Music Library go to My Xbox and scroll across. Enter there and you'll see option for where the music might be. The 360's hard drive, a disc, a USB device or your PC for streaming purposes.

That is where you'll find the music in order to play it after ripping.