Missing secondary profile after deleting/redownloading!

I have 2 profiles on my xbox 360, mine (the main acct) and my childs.. they are both linked to MY email.  I had to delete both profiles only and clear the cache because xbox was freezing. now when I download my profiles only the main profile(mine) is showing. they were both an the same USB and I never had issues with deleting/downloading before..

please help!


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Was the second account just a local profile or a silver account?

A local profile only exists on your console, since it never touches Live if you delete it then it is gone forever.

A silver account is one that connects to Live but doesn't let you play online. This would have had its own email address which you would need to recover it.

also the secondary acct was never able to connect to xbox live. which is silly. I pay for xbox live but I am only able to use it with 1 profile? how do I use my secondary profile on xbox live?

ok so the 2nd acct did not have live just a profile..but I set up the profile with my main email address.  and when trying to redownload i get just my main profile..

very dumb setup msft

You can only have 1 account linked to an email address at a time. Each account would need it's own email in order to sign into Live. So if the second account had never connected to Live, it either didn't have an email address connected to it, or it had a different email.

On the 360, each account has to have it's own gold subscription in order to play online.