Mini serie (non ufficiale) su HALO

Halo Helljumper is a short series of films that follows the life of one human ODST from his enlistment in the UNSC before the Human-Covenant War to around the Fall of Reach. Unlike a lot of soldiers, he was lucky enough to survive through 27 years of a losing battle against a hostile alien civilization, known as the Covenant. Through his experiences, we’re going to expose you to an amazing universe full of devastation, grief, affection, and most importantly, hope.


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For a moment i thought i was in the wrong forum section, dude.

You're not, man. But the videos are going to be in English, so I'm afraid that a text translation would have been useless...

Must agree.

Do you eventually know if this serie will ever get translated for our **** tv?

It looks damn cool.

Hope so, but it seems to be a too small production to reach our TV. It will be firstly released on the web only.

It'd just be nice if they let us watch it through Halo Waypoint, at least... but it's an unofficial work, so I doubt they will.

sad news


let's BELIEVE !!

...Just Wonderful...