I hope that is the case as the online world would be even bigger.  Minecraft has never needed great graphics or anything that would tax a system, to me it looks like pong.  But my kids absolutely love it and play online with all there friends and cousins.  The kids are not begging for better graphics.

Haters:  Please do not try and tell me that X1 can not possibly play Minecraft, even if you mention sharing servers should be an easy fix as its Minecraft that supplies the servers also.  Microsoft got real smart in that one, they get the Xbox live revenue but the server does nothing more than download purchases from them.  Games like GTA online or Minecraft have to tend to there servers every second.


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What do you mean by same?? There is a minecraft game coming to X1.... Will you be able to play cross generation with the 360? If that is what you mean, prepare for disappointment. Ain't gonna happen.

My kids asked me to voice there opinion on this one.  

Why do you say it aint going to happen.   My guess is the X1 version will fail with not enough customers so they most likely will adapt to the consumers.    At the same time I see them adapting to work with the PC Version also for one big world.  I do not see how it can divide the customers to create large enough numbers to make it worth there while to even power up the servers.